About Us 

Home of the original Bobby Anti-Theft backpack!

XD Design is the proud designer and producer of the awarded and worldwide popular original Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack.
In the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack line we designed the following models so far:

  1. The Bobby Original (April, 2016)
  2. The Bobby Compact (November, 2016)
  3. The Bobby Bizz (May, 2017)
  4. The Bobby XL (March, 2018)
  5. The Bobby Urban (March, 2018)
  6. The Bobby Urban Lite (June, 2018)
  7. The Bobby Compact Print (July, 2018)
  8. The Bobby Elle (November, 2018)
  9. The Bobby Tech (January, 2019 Kickstarter)
  10. The Bobby PRO (January, 2019 Kickstarter)
  11. The Cathy (February, 2019)
  12. The Bobby Duffle (July, 2019)

Our Mission
We would like you to Live More and Worry Less!
Keep your belongings safe and make your commutes and travels more comfortable with our Bobby Anti-Theft backpacks.
Whether you are traveling far or near, by bike, foot or public transport, our backpacks will be your perfect traveling sidekick.
So look around, relax and enjoy the travel, we’ve got your back.

Our story
We are a proud Dutch Design brand, with offices all over the world and over 30 years of experience.
Our design studio is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world.

Our heart lies in creating relevant & sustainable products for affordable prices.
We strive to take every day products to a higher level by adding design both in an emotional and functional sense,
or as we like to call it: Affordable Uniqueness!

We at XD Design believe that the strain that is currently put on our eco-system is too much to bear,
it is inevitable that we have to start caring for our planet.
Throughout every step of our development process we consider the impact it will have on the environment,
starting with the product function but also its material and packaging.

Sustainable design is in our DNA. We are young and eager.
We come up with everyday products that are original, accessible and functional.
Affordable design that improves your daily life.

That’s the idea. That’s XD Design.

Customer reviews
Transparency towards our customers is very import to us and we want all our customers to speak
freely about their experiences with our company.

For this we use Trustpilot which is an independent review website where all our customers can give their absolute honest opinion
about our products and service. The content of Trustpilot is not monitored and all reviews are visible for everybody.

Please find below already some of our customer experiences,
but feel free to have a look on our Trustpilot website which is always up to date with the latest reviews: